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Bilingual edition (English - French), 17 x 23 cm, 176 pages (color ill.). Edited by Maud Chavaillon and eRikm. Texts by Yann Beauvais, Christophe Kihm, Louis-Jose Lestocart, Jean-Luc Nancy, Leila Quillacq, Graeme Thomson. Published by Sextant et plus, with the Gantner multimedia centre. Audio CD included with 'Arrow' (1999, 'Feedback & Ficker' (2001), 'Klein surface' (2009), 'Correlation i' (2005), 'Soulage' (2010), 'Generesense soustractive' (2005). A key figure of the international sound art scene, eRikm's practice is nevertheless rooted in the field of visual arts through sculpture, installation and video. This first monograph, which is accompanied by an audio CD, unveils a less visible part of his work that dares to play simultaneously with different practices and composition modes, in all the languages.

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