RICK POTTS : Krewton The Knewtron

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「ロサンジェルス・フリー・ミュージック・ソサエティ (LAFMS) で活動する異才アヴァンギャルド・ミュージシャンであり
聴覚漫画の帝王、リック・ポッツ来日記念盤 2011!
何とも奇妙なキャラクターをジャケットに配し、1970 年代の後期まだ20歳前後のリックが密かに録音した余りにもロウ(生)でワイルドなフリー・ミュージック音源が四半世紀後、謎めいた ”Krewton the Knewtron” と言うタイトルを伴いこの度 CD 化される次第となった。
ル・フォルテ・フォー、ドゥドゥエッツ、も参加!(1曲のみ) プラス、近年の未発表曲も!」

1 Magic Pond
2 Arrival Fanfare
3 Mechanical Drum Circle
4 Bertha Abuse
5 Calculatronics
6 DooDah Parade Mix
Performer – Ace & Duce, Doodooettes, Le Forte Four
Performer – Ace & Duce, Doodooettes, Le Forte Four
7 Effects And Brakes And Environs
8 Find Out Along The Way
9 Happle
10 Kradio & Flyano
11 Pipe Threading Machine
Performer [Oster Pipe Threader] – Norm Potts
Vocals – N.W. Potts Co. Customer
Performer [Oster Pipe Threader] – Norm Potts
Vocals – N.W. Potts Co. Customer
12 Plunderbird
13 Road Work
14 Sawser
15 Screed
16 Tank Tones
17 Yowl
18 Santa's Assassins
19 Jungle Inspector Theme (Reprise)
Kalimba [Extra Kalimba] – Wendy Lee Widell
Kalimba [Extra Kalimba] – Wendy Lee Widell
20 O.K. (Saw Version)

Edited By [構成], Liner Notes [Japanese Translation] – 坂口卓也
Instruments [All Instruments], Recorded By – Rick Potts
Liner Notes, Illustration [Drawing], Painting [Cover Painting] – Rick Potts

All recordings made in 1977 or 1978 except the last two songs. Booklet includes liner notes in English and Japanese.
"In 1977 I wanted to make an animated film filled with the strange creatures in my sketch book. I called it 'From the Land of the Trushkin Ploon'. There was no real story to it but it was to be a film with no words that would be a documentary of the odd figures I was drawing. I wanted to have a soundtrack to go with it. It is customary in animation to create the soundtrack first and then make animation to fit the sound. I began working on sounds and music for this film idea as well as drawing. The project was never realised except for the drawings and recordings. As I made the four-track recordings I made cassette mixes to listen to. This is what has been digitized for the CD along with sounds captured directly onto a portable cassette recorder. Also included are a couple of songs from later years."

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