V.A. : Interactions: A Guide To Swiss Underground Experimental Music

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ペルーのBuh Recordsからのスイス地下実験音楽ガイド!!
Rudolf Eb.er, Martina Lussi, Papiro & Yanik Soland, Manuel Troller, Niton, Therminal C, JMO, Flo Stoffner, Christian Müller, Erb/Loriot/Morishige, Noijzu, Christian Kobi, Alvear/Bondi/d'incise, Julian Sartorius, Joke Lanz, Jason Kahn, Tout Bleu, Belia Winnewisser, Souharce, Laurent Güdel, Dave Phillips, Denis Rollet, Gilles Aubry, Jen Morris, Le Pot, Purpura and Francisco Meirinoといった強力アーティストばかり。

- A -
A1 Rudolf Eb.er - Tod Am Bach 2:59
A2 Martina Lussi - Pool 3:33
A3 Papiro & Yanik Soland - Nozomi 3:45
A4 Manuel Troller - Hologram 3:15
A5 Therminal C - Sputnik Crash 2:18
A6 JMO - Take A Break 2:30
B1 Niton - Serote 3:59
- B -
B2 Christian Müller - London Study #2 2:43
B3 Flo Stoffner - Carmensac (For Anna) 4:32
B4 Erb / Loriot / Morishige - Ice 3:49
B5 Noijzu - Invisible 3:06
B6 Christian Kobi - I 3:29
B7 Alvear / Bondi / D'incise - Quinto Pretexto 4:06
- C -
C1 Julian Sartorius - Ziggli 2:17
C2 Joke Lanz - Dutschke 3:14
C3 Jason Kahn - Nearly You 3:16
C4 Tout Bleu - Souviens-Toi 3:09
C5 Belia Winnewisser - Lower 3:34
C6 Souharce - Assurance Maladie 4:06
C7 Laurent Güdel - State Music N°1 3:27
- D -
D1 Dave Phillips - Categorical Thinking Doesn’t Do Justice To The Complexity Of Life 2:33
D2 Denis Rollet - sW#1 2:34
D3 Gilles Aubry - And Who Ears The Desert 3:58
D4 Jen Morris - Autrepart 3:34
D5 Le Pot - Take Shelter 2:59
D6 Purpura - Cruel (Excerpt) 3:01
D7 Francisco Meirino - Hear After: Introduction To Matters Of Auditory Paranoia 4:04

Artwork – Marco Papiro
Compiled By, Liner Notes, Concept By – Luis Alvarado
Mastered By – Alberto Cendra Woodman

A1 taken from Om Kult: Ritual Practice of Conscious Dying - Vol. 1, published by Om Kult, 2018.
A3 recorded live in 2015 in Basel.
A4 recorded December 4-6, 2017 at Suburban Sound Studio in Winterthur. Mixed at Suburban Sound Studio. Mastered at Sterling Sound. Taken from Vanishing Points, published by three:four records, 2018.
A5 recorded at Studio L'Orient. Mixed and mastered at Pixelgroove Studio.
A6 recorded and mixed in Geneva.
A7 recorded in May 2019 in Mendrisio mix and stereo mastering at La Sauna Recording Studio, Varano Borghi (I).
B1 live sampling based on recordings of bass clarinet & analog synthesizer. Composed in London and Biel, 2019.
B3 recorded on April 25th, 2018, at KKLB, Beromünster. Taken from Dry, published bt Veto-Records/Exchange.
B4 recorded at BlackBox, Bern, 2019.
B5 track taken from Raw Lines, published by BDTA, 2013.
B6 recording and mix Insub.studio, Geneva, 2019.
C1 recorded, mixed and produced at Studio Suze, Biel, 2019.
C2 excerpt from Revolution, your son is dead (IKI 02) published on tape by Iki Gaga label Brussels Belgium, 2018.
C3 recorded on June 20, 2019.
C4 recorded and mixed at Black Bunker Studio, Geneva, May 2019.
C5 recorded and mixed at La Reliure, Geneva, Switzerland.
C6 recorded on a Serge Modular system at EMS, Stockholm.
D1 decomposed 2018/19 at sk12 and ssch32, Berlin.
D2 recorded and mixed at Atelier 419, Geneva in May 2019.
D3 improvisation with defect copies of an LP record published on Corvo in 2017, based on Berber-Amazigh instruments recordings. The disk surfaces have been further altered manually during a residency in Tighmert, Morocco, in collaboration with various artists.
D4 composed, recorded and mixed in Lausanne, May 2019.
D5 from Zade, published by Everest Records, 2016. Recorded and mixed April 11-13, 2016 at Studio 2 RSI Lugano-Besso.
D6 recorded at Cruel Bones Noise Fest, Umbo, Zürich, on Feburary 16, 2019. Mixed June 2019.
D7 assembled at Shiver Mobile, Lausanne, 2017-2019. Coupigny MK2 Synth recorded at The GRM Studios, Paris, 2019.

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