TREVOR WISHART : Red Bird / Anticredos & Voiceprints

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'his Double Album brings together many of my major pieces from the last 40 years. “Red Bird” has been held up as a pioneering work, using both a “cinematic” approach to audio, and sound morphing, especially because it predates the use of computers but prefigures many of the techniques later used for making computer sound art. “Anticredos” brought together my research into new vocal sounds, developing new ways to notate sound itself, and uses sound-morphing as a live-performance technique. “Tongues of Fire” was the first full-length piece I made on the Composers Desktop Project, and won an award (the Golden NICA for computer-music) at the Linz Ars Electronica, International Computer Arts Festival, while “Two Women” crossed the boundary into actuality, using and transforming the voices of people in the public eye.'

CD 1: Voiceprints
1-1 Two Women: Siren 3:32
1-2 Two Women: Facets 2:40
1-3 Two Women: Stentor 2:38
1-4 Two Women: Angelus 6:02
1-5 American Triptych 15:12
1-6 Anna's Magic Garden 10:01
1-7 Blue Tulips 2:51
1-8 Tongues Of Fire 24:45
CD 2: Red Bird / Anticredos
2-1 Red Bird 45:01
2-2 Anticredos 17:18
Directed By – Gregory Rose
Performer – Singcircle

Compilation of two previous albums: Voiceprints and Red Bird / Anticredos.

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